My journey towards storytelling

Always looking for the best way to express me. When I was a child, I had my journal and my poems. When I was teenagers I had my songs. Then I started traveling, and I felt the urge to show everyone my point of view. My travels are mirroring my personality: open-mindedness, enthusiasm, loyalty, curiosity, creativity and much more.

I organize the journeys by myself, and they might be unperfect, sometimes they can get messy, but that’s the perfect training for problem-solving skills, isn’t it? Imagine, being in Thailand with an overbooked hotel and having no idea of how to manage your friends freaking out. That’s the scenario.

Marketing and Communication Professional

After completing my Bachelor in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation at the Universit√° degli Studi di Padova, I worked for one year in Italy as Marketing and Sales Assistant and as a Logistics intern. But loved dragged me to Denmark, more precisely to Odense, where I attended a Global Marketing Management master at Syddansk Universitet. During my studies, I had the opportunity to start and complete my first project as translator and project manager of the Italian website of Cane-line. Soon after, I was hired as Communication and SEO Assistant for AW-Media, where I finally approached closely the Digital Marketing world.

Therefore, I decided to apply my knowledge of User Experience and Marketing Across Cultures in my Master Thesis and I graduated in June 2017. My professional journey continued towards HR-ON, a Saas company located in Odense, where I was the first employee in the Marketing Department and I was in charge of the setting-up of the social media accounts and website for the international market. During my employment I had the opportunity of challenging myself in event planning, translation, but above all content creation and content strategy. Check my LinkedIn profile for some of my articles.

What else?

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